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I am available for speaking engagements with customizable topics to suit your audience.

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I offer a powerful message of hope, healing and even thriving through loss, transitions in life and adversity.  My mission, as a bereaved parent, is to support you in navigating the uniqueness of your broken heart with compassionate light, growing with and through your own grief.

I speak on traumatic and complicated grief, healing and recovery to:

  • College students

  • Community First Responders

  • Community Members

  • Elementary School, Middle School and High School Students 

  • Organizations and Businesses 

I meet you where the healing needs to begin:

In communities following a loss or tragedy, Workshops, Seminars, Summits, Churches, Keynotes for Conferences, Celebrations of Life, Eulogy’s. Communicating openly and honestly with knowledge, wisdom and compassion only possessed by someone who has experienced deep traumatic loss.

I speak on various topics, such as:

  • Navigating Loss, Grief and Other Tough Stuff

  • Curating Grief: How to Choose What to Keep After a Loved One Dies

  • Stigmatized Grief: Navigating grief and loss after a death due to drug overdose

  • Loss of identity, loss of innocence, loss of safety including bullying and security, loss of hope of a future

  • Tragedy: Loss by suicide or homicide: communities, schools or families coping with a sudden death

  • Supporting and educating traumatized children and teens

Call to customize topics of interest for your group.

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