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Greetings & Blessings,


I'm Syreeta, lovingly known as “Rhee” a serial entrepreneur and a professional Certified Grief and Trauma Life Coach.

My journey in this industry started on August 29th when my 21-year-old son died following a senseless shot in the back of the head. Although he changed the lives of many people as an organ donor, the incident was very traumatic to those he left behind bringing an enormous amount of grief to those who knew and loved him. Leveraging the wisdom of my own experience I am equipped to understand the needs of grief and trauma victims and deliver a coaching experience rooted in care, compassion, and expertise.

Journeying through my own grieving process has helped me to appreciate the fact that everyone has their own way of grieving, as the loss of a child has a way of changing people. This sensitivity coupled with deep industry knowledge positions me as a keen advocate for victims and a competent coach for those on their healing journey. Along my journey I came to realize that mourning and grieving are only seasonal so what comes next?? Well for me preserving my son’s legacy and turning my pain into purpose served as my next steps. Along with my youngest brother we co-created the Talbert Memorial Fund/Jalen’s Journey to honor the life of my son as well as that of my other bother, Russell Talbert III who, at the same age of 21, was also a victim of gun violence.

Another initiative inspired by my son’s journey is Candles by Rhee360, launched as a means of creatively expressing my feelings with the intention of releasing some of my pain while at the same time trying to reconnect with life. Steadily but surely I have been able to relearn how to smile and enjoy life again without feeling guilty for wanting a moment of happiness in the absence of my son.

Having learned the importance of "grieving out loud," I am focused on the path that leads to healing. Facing life with enthusiasm and relentlessness to live a purpose-filled life I am fueled by courage, hope, and faith. Life is a precious gift and not a practice test with ‘do-overs.’ Grief can leave us standing on the sidelines, but I’m committed to helping people get back in the game of life. For those seeking to heal from the loss of a loved one, bad decisions, regrets, or hurts I’m here to help you live bold, beautiful and brilliant lives.

​As I look back over the traumatic events I have experienced in my life, I now know that they have all prepared me for and led me to where I am now. They’ve equipped me to share the wisdom gained from these experiences and help others who are on a similar journey. I’d be honored to help you navigate through your grief and guide you towards your place of healing.


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