Turning My Pain Into Purpose

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

On the heels of Mother's Day 2018, the first without my son, I turned my #PainIntoPurpose by personally delivering surprise Blessing Box gifts to 5 mothers throughout the city - and as far as California and Georgia. Even after Mothers day, I was able to bless an additional 5 mothers, and one father with one of my Blessing Boxes.

It was important for me to translate my grief into giving by sharing encouragement and love with other mothers – one of which is my own mother, Mildred Talbert, who also lost a son (my brother Russell) to gun violence at the very same age I lost Jalen.

Unfortunately, gun violence has not stopped. Like too many mothers around the country and specifically in Chicago, I am still left grieving, healing and trying to rebuild my life with more questions than I have answers about Jalen's murder - which is still unsolved.

This upcoming Mother's day, I again, am looking to bless and uplift another 10 mothers who will be trying to survive their first Mother's day without their child.

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