RheeCycable, RheeFillable & RheeUsable

Would you like to become more eco-friendly?

If the answer is yes, then Rhee360 candles are perfect for you!
We strive to not only create clean and sustainable products, but to also minimize our ecological footprint.

In our effort to actively reduce waste, we created a candle refill program.

We are excited to offer our RheeCycable, RheeFillable & RheeUsable  program!!

rheepurpose wine glass rt.png

Stemless Wine Glass

Bought a stemless wine glass candle?  RheePurpose it.


When all you're left with is the aroma of a Rhee360 candle accenting the air, follow our cleaning instructions below to transform your glass candle jar into a stemless wine glass.


How do I clean out my container?

  • Pre-heat your oven to 170F to 185F

  • Line a baking sheet or pie pan with wax paper or tin foil

  • Peel off labels from the front and bottom of the glass jar

  • Place your candle upside down on the pan or sheet and place it in the oven

  • After 5-10 mins, the wax should pool on the baking sheet/foil

  • Carefully remove pan/baking sheet from oven

  • Let the jar cool before cleaning

  • Wipe your candle jar clean of any remaining wax or soot left on the glass with a towel, removing the wick with the help of a spoon (if it did not fall out)

  • Once all the wax is removed, wash with mild dish soap

  • #RheePurpose any excess wax residue from the baking sheet and into a wax warmer

  • Now it's time for a pour of your favorite beverage 

rheepurpose wine glass lt.png

Dough Bowls

Once you have burned the entirety of your candle dough bowl return it back to us to be filled up once again with your favorite candle scent or any of our currently available fragrances at a greatly reduced price.


As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...
1. Complete the return form.

2. Send us your dough bowl (you pay for shipping)
3. We'll give it a thorough cleaning!
4. We refill your dough bowl with the scent of your choice.
5. We ship your dough bowl back to you (we pay for shipping)!


dough bowl.png

Q & A


Q: How to begin the RheeFillable process:

  • Fill out and submit the Refill Order Form (here):

  • Ship your dough bowl/s back to our studio at: 123Town Square Place, Ste 263, Chicago, IL 60649

  • You will receive your new order confirmation email

  • We’ll clean your dough bowl and refill it with your choice of one of our signature fragrances.

  • Your renewed dough bowl candle will ship within 7-12 business days (tracking number will be provided).

Q: What is the cost?

A: Refill cost is XXXX + shipping.

Q:    How long will it take to receive my RheeFilled candle dough bowl?
A:    As our refills are made to order please allow 2-3 weeks from when we receive your dough bowl the delivery. A returning tracking number will be provided to you.


Q:    Can I switch out for a new scent when utilizing the Dough Bowl RheeFilling program?
A:    Yes! 


Q:    What fragrances are available (**seasonal scents are subject to limited availability**)?
A:    You can choose from any of our currently available fragrances:

Q:   Can I combine fragrances?
A:    No, we cannot combine fragrances.

Q:     Do you accept other candle containers or dough bowls?
A:     Unfortunately, we currently only refill candles originally made by Rhee360.


Q:     What happens if my dough bowl breaks in transit back to your studio?
A:    Unfortunately breakages can occur and customers will be held accountable.  Be sure to wrap your dough bowl securely and request insurance when shipping back to us.  Dough bowls must not be broken or cracked in order to be refilled.  Dough bowls are water tested first to make sure there are no leaks before starting.


Q:    Will any current coupons or discounts being offered be applied to the RheeFillable program discount?
A:    No. RheeFillable dough bowl candle pricing is exclusive of any coupons and discounts being offered at the time of return.



A: Once we receive your refill is complete we'll email you your invoice. Once paid, we'll ship it back to you! You are responsible for shipping charges