Fallin' 4 yourself


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Ways to treat yo' self

Plan a Date

Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be public, although you can take yourself to your favorite restaurant. All you need to do is plan a moment where you are doing something that you like. You can watch your favorite movie and order in a dish that you love. Going for a walk in the park with a nice hot beverage (because it is getting cold!)

Credit Card Purchase
$pend Some Cash

Now don’t go breaking the bank! But if you have been eyeing that item that you know you can afford but have contemplating whether you should get it, I’m here to tell you to buy it. It’s been exceptionally hard to deal with life with everything happening all over the world. If a pair of boots, a concert ticket or that plane ticket brings you joy, get that for yourself. You deserve it.

Applying Face Cream
Self Care Day

It is time to take time for yourself. And you deserve a whole day of self care. Let your body wake up when it wants, prepare a face mask as soon as you get up. Listen to that album that you have been pushing off. It’s time to rheelax and let worries go. Tomorrow is another day.

Lifting Weights
Work it Out

When you look good, you feel good. Summer is over so you have all the time to get that body right and tight. Enjoy the workout, understand that what you are doing is helping you externally but more importantly internally. And if you are feeling froggy, drink that green juice!

Talking on the Phone
Call a Loved One

Give yourself the ultimate treat by taking the time to catch up with a friend or family member. With the pandemic, we’ve seen such great loss being so still. Now that the world is opening back up, we have to be sure to keep up with our loved ones. Set some time to talk the day away. It will sure to make you and their day.