So, What's my story?

Heyyy, I am Syreeta, popularly known as “Rhee”, and I am a remarkable individual, a serial entrepreneur, and a professional Grief and Trauma Life Coach.

On August 29th, while I and a majority of the family were celebrating my father’s 75th milestone birthday, my son Jalen (21) was lured to a remote area and senselessly shot in the back of the head.  It wasn’t until later that evening that I would receive the phone call that has forever changed my life.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was told Jalen was considered brain dead, however, I wanted to keep him **alive**, so that not only could my brother make it in time to spend his last moments with him, but I had decided to donate his organs.

He made it through the night, however, he took a turn for the worst by the next day.  While they were trying to revive him (as they had already done for the 3rd time that day) we prayed and hoped his heart would start back, unfortunately, I was tasked with the hardest decision I had ever had to make; to pull the plug.

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I stood back as doctors came rushing to resuscitate him for the last time, and I whispered for him to give me a sign he was ready to go, and instantaneously, his left-hand sloped to the side of his bed. Coincidence, only God knows, but I knew then, I was about to make the gut-wrenching decision to let him go.

And this is where my journey as a grieving mother began.  

Although he changed the lives of many people as an organ donor, the incident was very traumatic to those he left behind; bringing an enormous amount of grief to those who knew and loved him. Leveraging the wisdom of my own experience, I am equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning grief and trauma victims, delivering an experience rooted in service, integrity, and expertise.

Losing a child is one of the most unimaginable and unbearable losses to experience, and those who have lost a child to gun violence know a “different kind of grief.”  Against our will, we are inducted into a secret society, a sorority, a private club NO ONE wants to be a part of, or signed up for. 

While mourning and grieving are only seasonal, I believe that a tragedy such as the loss of a child, among other traumatic incidences, I have learned to appreciate that everyone has their own way of grieving. Journeying through my own healing process, I have come to realize I grieve a little differently.  At my core, I am a life enthusiast, relentless about living a purpose-filled life, and thus, learned to "grieve out loud".


With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical, detail-oriented approach, I am a keen advocate for victims, proactively seeking out new opportunities to enhance my services and continually attain excellence, with helping people the ultimate objective.

Preserving my son’s legacy and turning my pain into purpose, I have co-created the Talbert Memorial Fund/Jalen’s Journey (www.JalensJourney), along with my youngest brother to honor the life of my son as well as that of my other brother, Russell Talbert III who, at the same age of 21, was also a victim of gun violence. 

Another initiative inspired by my son’s journey is, launched as a means of expressing my feelings, with the intention of releasing some of my pain, while at the same time trying to reconnect with life. Steadily but surely I have been able to relearn how to smile and enjoy life again without feeling guilty for wanting a moment of happiness in the absence of my son.


Having learned the importance of "grieving out loud", I am focused on the path that leads to healing.  Death has already claimed my son’s life, and I won’t let it win again. With the belief that life is a precious gift and not a practice test with ‘do-overs’, and that recovery is the root and foundation of a happy life; to build happy lives we must fortify the root!


This is my motivation towards working with those seeking to heal from the loss of a loved one, bad decisions, regrets, and/or hurt and helping them live the much-deserved bold, beautiful, and brilliant lives.

These first few years of loss are still a blur, I’ve merely just survived.  Now, it’s time for me to thrive! Facing life with enthusiasm and relentlessness to live a purpose-filled life, I am fueled by courage, hope, and destination….HEALING.  So, however you’ve stumbled across my site, I invite you to join me on this courageous journey. 

And so the healing begins…..

With Love and Light,



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